1. Your transfer to Ouranoupoli.
Your entrance to Mount Athos is usually by boat from Ouranoupoli and from the port in front of the Byzantine Tower on the main square. It is also done and from Ierissos especially for the monasteries on the eastern side, but from there the weather is too often a bad ally in your design. So to come to Ouranoupoli you should use:

  • Your car or any other rented vehicle driving it either via Polygyros or Arnea or from Stavros to reach Ouranoupoli. The path e.g. from Thessaloniki to Ouranoupoli, it takes about two hours depending on the route, the traffic and the state of the road and the environment.
  • Public transport by bus from KTEL Halkidiki. For Thessaloniki, the station is located in the eastern part of the city near its ring road. You can reach the station either by city buses or by taxi. Time by public transport from the center of Thessaloniki is about half an hour and the ticket can be found in kiosks or small shops close to the bus stops. The bus that serves the route is No45 and the hours of departure will be shown at the link: https://oasth.gr/#el/routeinfo/list/454/76/78/.

If you arrive at the airport because this is also on the east side of the city, you can go to the bus station by taxi about 15 to 20 minutes or by public transport, only in this case you should go first to the city center, change bus and then get to KTEL Halkidiki Station. Until now, this text written has not yet been communicated directly to the bus station of the KTEL Halkidiki.

2. Accommodation in Ouranoupoli.
In Ouranoupolis if you want accommodation to stay you can contact us at tel. +30 2377071337 or you can view  and visit the Guest House – Pension Athos at www.pansionathos.gr. Since 1984, we are in the center of Ouranoupolis, a few meters from the public bus stop, a few meters from the port of departure for Mount Athos. At very short distances around us there are many restaurants, cafes and supermarkets to meet all your needs. Also, if you want, you can ask us to help you with your taxi transfer with our partner companies. Finally, if you stay at our Guest House, you can leave the luggage that you don’t want to take with you during your stay on Mount Athos and receive them on your return.

2. Departure.
Having with you the pictures of the places you visited and admired at Mount Athos, but also your pure and calm soul from the blessing of the Virgin Mary for your journey to your home, it is time to depart for your return. Using a boat again, either from Dafni or from a monastery, you will reach the Ouranoupolis. Remember again to take a look at the ferry schedules for your return. From here by car – taxi or by public bus, you will continue to your destination. If you have time to stay in Ouranoupolis, we will be glad to welcome you to the Guesthouse – Athos Pension (tel. +30 2277071337, www.pansionathos.gr).