Размещение на 2024 год в гостевом доме ATHOS — Пансионат эпохи Конвид-19.

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(Дополнительные меры защиты)

ATHOS Guest House — Pansion is a family business that hosts visitors to Ouranoupoli, Halkidiki. Our policy has always been and is to implement very high standards of cleanliness in our rooms, for the safe stay of our guests. But now, in the age of COVID-19, to make sure that we all stay, visitors and residents, in the safe space, we apply additional measures. So for the visitors:

  • In order to have enough time for ventilation of the rooms, the Check in will be done after 16.00΄ and the Check out will be done until 10.00΄.
  • There are cleaning antiseptics that everyone should use before entering the place and every time this is repeated.
  • The layout of the around space of the Guest House is such that it allows entry and exit to the rooms without the continuous passage through the reception and therefore fewer contacts.
  • Inside the rooms all surfaces, especially those that are touched, in addition to cleanliness, are either sprayed with alcohol-based disinfectant (70% alcohol) or disinfected with steam.
  • Rooms have an individual cooling system but for those who do not want to use it there are ceiling or floor fans for cooling.
  • There are also alcohol and cleansing antiseptics, masks and gloves for those who need them.
  • It is recommended that we all keep safe distances in public areas and at the reception.
  • In the rooms there is a telephone with a connection to a call center for communication with the reception.

In case of a visitor who has suspicious symptoms such as these have been reported by the WHO. (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) there is an action plan with a responsible doctor who will take over the process of controlling the symptoms and informing the authorities. In terms of cleanliness, we have all the necessary disinfecting equipment such as disposable gloves, surgical masks, eye protection, disposable long-sleeved waterproof, shoe covers, chlorine and alcohol-based disinfectants, vaporizing vaporizers and disposable bags all in after the end of cleaning.

For the staff working in the area and also for us, the owners of ATHOS Guest House — Pansion who live there, we have a special protocol of actions, so that we remain safe for our families, for our parents and for our visitors.

Finally, we are obliged to have a complete diary with the movement of the visitors, as well as with the actions we take, as well as with the measures we take.